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us behind the scenes of his radio show and for taking the time to talk with us. and thank you for being with us. make sure you go to and let us know what you thought about our interview with rush limbaugh. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little,
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♪ president obama has raised to the cameras, compared himself
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to trayvon martin, all local issues that weren't part of his job. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof they were in their own home. i don't know what's in rush limbaugh's heart. the reason i called it a fluke is because i thought about malia and sasha, one of the things i want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about. when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> but for some reason, the president hasn't said a word on sex scandals that are rocking the democratic party now. serial sexter anthony weiner
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wants to represent new york, eliot spitzer also running for office in new york city, and san diego's democratic mayor bob filner had a ninth woman come out to accuse him of sexual misconduct. >> hugged me a little too closely, then put his arm around me like this. and then he proceeded to slide his arm down and give a little grab to my derriere. when it is coming from the mayor, i didn't want to make a scene really. >> she's a marilyn monroe impersonator. this isn't a laughing matter. mayor filner wants the city to pay his legal fees. he has been harassing women, heard nancy pelosi and other members of the female caucus, now women that want to meet with him for business reasons have to have a chaperone.
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but there's a republican war on women? >> it is preposterous. the thing is, democrats, and a lot of women in the democratic party are hypocrites. when you point it out, there's a definition of hypocrite. there's also his spokesperson, sorry, chief of staff, quoted on another network the other day, saying the mayor is surround bied sophisticated advisers. if you're a democrat, that's all that matters. if you have a progressive vision, pro-choice, doesn't matter how you conduct yourself in public office, as long as you have that vision, as long as you're not a republican, you're fine. >> eric, the war on women play book worked in 2012 arguably. i think they were hoping to use it in the 2014 mid terms, but this abc news poll online showed a shocking surprise. the democratic war on women against republicans isn't really
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working, so do you think they'll continue to spout those talking points? >> i think they'll have to back off on the women talking points because of the democratic war on women. look full screen, i don't know what you call these guys, make mcnasty, filthy filner, he is claiming it is the city's fault not giving him sexual harassment training, he is saying the city has to pay his legal fees. the guy needs to step aside. wouldn't work well for me, i know for a fact most of us are wearing underwear. he asked the women not to wear underwear to work. >> and commented on women that are not wearing underwear. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> can i ask you, associated press hit the president pretty hard on not commenting on the mayor filner issue. i can see why he wouldn't comment on weiner because he is a candidate, but do you think the president should weigh in because of the war on women message he has used? >> i don't remember a single
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republican that weighed in on a senator from louisiana going to prostitutes. >> i did. >> who? >> several of them did. talking about senator vitter. don't have to be shy about that. >> i was trying to be nice. >> there was condemnation of that. >> let's not change the topic. >> i don't think that obama -- first of all, you can find any president that comments on things that have nothing to do with the office. nice job of editing promised i wouldn't beat up on our show, could have done that with any president in the last 50 years with tape. secondly, obama, why would he want to get inned middle of that. you don't advise them to get involved in a local issue like that, i mean, why? >> and to all of the other local issues, pop culture. he is supposed to be protector of women. >> buy the guy some jockey shorts and let it go. >> in san diego, it is all they can talk about. i think he will lose his seat to
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a republican soon, looks bad. it is a conservative paper taking him to task, justifiably so. what's amazing, he talks about going to rehab. says good news, they'll send my work to rehab, so i can keep up with the day to day work of san diego. the serial i didn't know that was a term. he is doing that. and he is going now to deal with this hugging problem. only thing he ever admitted to is he is a serial hugger. >> he is a hugger, anthony weiner was just joking. they want us to move on. dana, this is not a joke. this story has me furious, should have everyone at home. there was an error drafting in the obama care law will make congressional hill staffers rolled into the exchanges, the president stepped in this morning, they were whining, we don't want obama care even though our bosses voted for it. saved the day, last item of business before he jets off.
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what do you think. >> i will try to poor cold water on everybody's outrage. there was a drafting problem, they drafted it in secret, nobody read the bill beforehand. they didn't specify legislative aides were federal employees, which is true, they are. what happened, they were carved out. you have, for example, somebody that makes $75,000 a year, single mom of three kids, looking at a $21,000 out of pocket expense in order to keep the health care she has. it doesn't mean that -- what they decided to do, it is unclear the specifics, but the employer, the federal government is going to be able to continue to contribute to their health care like if you are an employee, which i am not, if you are an employee, many employers offer it. the problem is in the appearance, i agree with that. it is not that they're being exempted from obama care. it is unfair to staffers to say that. >> their reaction was we don't want anything to do with obama
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care says it all, head of the irs danny werfel wants his health care, doesn't want obama care. the unions pushed this on everyone and exempt themselves. the hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> i agree. we talked about if the unions didn't want it, irs that will enforce it doesn't want it, staffers who half them probably voted for obama and wanted obama care pushed through realize later they didn't want actual obama care. it is ultimate hypocrisy. >> haven't said to the unions what they're going to do. that remains a big mystery. what are they going to tell unions or tell democrats to tell the unions. >> brian? >> senator grassley deserves credit, he knew when he passed it, they had to put one thing in, be part of obama care. the main difference, the government was contributing 75%. that's unbelievable. >> they get 75%. it is incredible. somebody that's not an employee
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and pay as an individual, yeah. it rubs me the wrong way. to say they don't have to be part of obama care at all is not accurate. >> i could not get health insurance in maryland because i had open-heart surgery. they were the first ones to implement obama care. i now pay $400 a month and get it. >> doesn't it look bad. >> you only pay $400 a month. >> i do. look at my health insurance bills. >> $20,000 deductible. >> $3600 deductible. >> that's a good deal. >> poor bob. >> they carve them out, said legislative aides weren't federal employees. now that part is what office of professional management is doing. >> looks really, really bad. >> coming up, charlie rangel gets racial. should those comments be acceptable in 2013? later, facebook friday on
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♪ you know, the camera guy says the room looks huge, like a giant gym. a little later, we're going to focus on the temperature. meanwhile, charlie rangel got racial when he was talking about conservatives. the new york democrat compared members of the tea party to white crackers and said they can be defeated the same way segregation was years ago.
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rangel said, quote, it is the same group we faced in the south with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. right on the money, andrea? >> that's outrageous. unfortunately i think charlie rangel would like to deflect attention from him as well and his ethical troubles. what do you do when desperate, go into the decks, pull out the race card. it is pretty shameful, especially if he really knew the meaning of the word, and i think he does, and he knows he will never be called on the carpet for it. >> he says house hoips did more damage to american competitiveness than al qaeda would do. what is happening is sabotage, dana. >> he noticed other grown men were getting attention, fighting against one another, he wanted to up the ante, get more attention by saying something. >> even though he is a marginalized sullied congressional figure, isn't it outrageous he gets a pass on
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this? >> we're in error, says rangel's cracker comment. >> i wish i knew more about slang negative terms. >> i remember watching someone say on tv -- it is not a racial term. here is the point. charlie rangel is talking like this when he should be focusing on black unemployment. unemployment numbers came out, black unemployment, young blacks unemployed at a rate of 41.2%. a record! if they were less focused on playing the race card, more focused on getting jobs and specifically for the black community, they'll all be perfect off, bob, we would all be better off. >> is he talking less about tea party, is he saying tea partiers are standing up to what they do in the house by policy and making the president's term bad? is that racial standing up to the president and his agenda? >> i have known charlie a long
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time, hard to keep up with who charlie is referring to. i will is a this, there was win isolated story about a tea party gathering where there were racial things said. it was best to keep that alone, there has been no evidence that there's been rampant racism in the tea party movement, and if i were charlie, i would be careful about saying those things. >> the president told him to quit. can we talk about that? >> that is great. that is great. can you tell the other bob beckel that sat there what you just said. >> i never called the tea party all racist. >> you called them a bunch of other names. >> they are, but they're not racist. >> they have an agenda, fiscal responsibility. >> rangel should not have a job. >> go to something else you have an opinion on, if not it will be a quiet three minutes. editor of new haven register came out and apologized, because of comments he made about fox news indicating that we -- equating us to being in the kkk,
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white supremist. the apology says i never meant to do that, as i borrow dana's magic marker, never meant to equate that to fox news to the kkk, we did not intend to compare them and should have done a better job clarifying it. there is no comparing fox news and republican party to the kkk. we are wrong those, we were wrong in making the connection. look at the cartoon next to the apology? takes everything away. i apologize for hitting my sister, i would like to hit her again. fox news, not racist but with racists. >> that's from the simpsons, that cartoon. >> why was it necessary to put that. >> why was it necessary for -- >> they think they're so darn clever. imagine the cocktail parties, did you see that.
11:35 pm
they love to hate. they perfepetuate open mindedne. probably never watched the show. when i saw this newspaper is apologizing for saying fox news is like the kkk, then you have the editorial writer, headline writer in tennessee who got fired for having a mild anti-obama headline. he got fired. >> the biggest racist on television is at msnbc, al sharpton. >> biggest race card player, bar none on tv. >> one problem with this to be quick, they say they have some subset in a poll that tells you these people are racist. i have done poll force years, never had anybody admit they're racist. >> i am not believing his apology we shouldn't have done it, then why did you do it? why did you do it in the first place. they tried to say fox news is he will aggrevati -- elevating rac.
11:36 pm
i don't see how the apology makes sense. >> exactly. you know why they apologize, the ball back they received they never anticipated. >> and bill o'reilly, giving you a compliment, especially dana. >> let's not make that a broad statement. up next, "the five" facebook friday is next. i am not sure what to expect. we are answering your questions and no one has seen them. thousands of you have written in, we will respond when we come back. i am out of stuff to say.
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♪ nickelback.
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it is facebook friday on "the five." thanks to all who sent in questions at told you nothing was off limits. i haven't seen the questions, no one has. start off with the number one for mr. beckel. bob, what does your ex-wife think of the things you say about her on "the five"? >> you're going to find this amazing, hilda. i just got a text from her saying if you raise my name one more time, i'm going to sue you or take a five iron at you, i swear to god. i have the text here. i said something about our wedding, i paid for it. she said don't ever raise it again, so i promised her i wouldn't. that's it. >> didn't the ex-mother-in-law e-mail you, too? >> she just hates me. >> does your ex-mother-in-law like me? >> she likes you very much, told me that at great length. almost pushed the wheelchair
11:42 pm
down. >> tina says brian, would you rather be on fox and friends or "the five"? >> right away, who pays more, that would be the case. i would like to take whatever show -- i would like to take whatever -- i guess not, dana, whatever show would take me. >> oh, that's so -- >> good press secretary. >> i am not letting you get away with that. she wants to know which one. same amount of money, same, both would have you. which would it be. >> i would have to say as long as i am on fox news channel i am happy because i feel america is the number one country. >> he said "the five." he means "the five." >> this is from teresa c. when is your trip, will you blog about it. >> the trip, she's talking about to congo, going to the mercy ship for about a week. yes, i am going to blog about it. you can see it here at
11:43 pm august 28th. leaving august 27th. i will be back september 3rd. it is to raise awareness about the great work mercy ship does. "60 minutes" did an amazing piece on it, it will reair sunday night. >> sub text, i can't read it, is it true gutfeld is joining you to carry your bags? >> gutfeld wouldn't carry anything. jasper is not going. >> i am going to a gambling casino, i will blog about it. >> andrea is up, as a kid, what was your favorite dish that you ate in your parents' restaurant? >> it wasn't a greek restaurant. >> cheesecake. >> maybe spaghetti and meatballs and patty melts. >> i love a patty melt.
11:44 pm
old school. >> yum. >> which restaurant? they had about 30 of them and a couple of banks. her father built that from nothing. showed up from nothing, built all those restaurants and a bank. >> we had rootbeer floats. milk shakes. i worked a lot, every day after school, weekends, double shifts, sometimes midnight shifts. >> is that weird to read your own question? >> you always cheat anyway. read over my shoulder. >> what's your running game plan. >> oh, the running game plan from gabrielle a r. >> what's your run. i run five saturday and sunday. >> five what? >> five miles, but monday and tuesday taking off to go to my son's camp. >> how do you do that? >> i love to run. i enjoy running. >> get all the frustration so he doesn't pound you. >> if you become a conservative, come out of the closet. >> i am not in the closet,
11:45 pm
wouldn't know. running will kill you. >> and howard says every once in a while you should declare a be nice to bob week. >> i was nice to you today. >> very nice. very nice. eric has been particularly tough on me the last three or four weeks, but i love him, forgive him. it is a tough job but i love it. >> i am always nice to you. >> no, you're not. most of the time you are. >> we have to go. quickly, melinda, which new story upset you most this week and why. >> obama care. >> bob? >> benghazi, sorry. >> i forgot. i know. the republicans had nice people. >> stay with benghazi. too many facts coming out. >> a-rod, bothers me, couldn't come to decision with that. >> being called a racist? >> all right. still to come, how old is too old to still be living with mom
11:46 pm
and dad? record numbers of kids are postponing real life. papa beckel with tough love when we come back. ♪
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time now for one more thing. i am going to go first. i am excited about this. people across america are going to county fairs. want to show my two cousins, he has a little bunny there. and quinn, won the reserve junior championship for showmanship, he is a tiny thing, smart as a whip. very cute kids. they're my cousin wade and kathy's children. i wanted to show you this picture of a cousin i have not met, a distant cousin. this is rebecca podeo, new miss wyoming, she will be competing for miss america. tomorrow in wyoming, there's an ice cream social, live auction to raise money for the effort, and i have not met her, but i would love to. >> she's gorgeous. >> congratulations to rebecca. andrea? >> take a cold shower, bob. >> it is wonderful.
11:58 pm
i think it is nice. >> all right, everybody, get ready to take a picture of your weaner, oscar meyer. it is a fun joke. richmond, virginia, get a dollar hot dog, asking you to celebrate taking pictures of your hot dog because of anthony weiner. the scandal night. here is a fan talking about it. >> i may move to new york so i can vote for anthony weiner. >> dollar hot dog. >> dollar hot dog. i can be had, i am no pushover. >> see a picture of that. >> want me to go fast. "the five," love this show. >> these minimum wage laws simply hurt the workers that folks like juan actually want to help, and the big picture here isn't about age or skill level, it is about freedom, in a free
11:59 pm
country you have the right to offer any wage and accept any wage. if a low skill person, whether 18 or 58 wants to work for $10 an hour. >> we have to go, guys. >> obviously a hot topic. by the way, cashing in, where you get chal up as and victoria's secret in the same segment. >> did you like how she got a word in there. >> did well. >> tiger stadium. tigers throw out first pitch. superstar showed up for bob one of the top three players na the world. it just shows you how great an athlete you are. you're going to see him struggle in a way that should make everyone feel humble. there he is with the outstanding cuban defector. that was rental doualdo trying w
12:00 am
it over the plate. >> let me just say, it's been a pleasure to have you here. i'm giving up my one more thing because you kept your mouth rolling. >> take us out of here. we have loved having you. that's it for us. thank you for watching. special report, next. welcome to red eye. it's like naked and afraid. if you mean by naked you mean afraid and by afraid you mean naked. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story tonight, a private eye says hi, a campaign manager says bye and bill and hillary say oh, my. plus those who voted tor the collection of your telephone data, we'll have a possibly shouting debate straight ahead. and finally, a
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